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What Happened To Quads Brother From Married To Medicine?

Davidlew 30 November 2023

An In-Depth Look at Quad Webb’s Brother and His Impact on ‘Married To Medicine’

Eric Webb, the outspoken brother of Quad Webb, has been a recurring character on the reality TV show ‘Married to Medicine’ since its first season in 2013. Eric’s impact on the show goes beyond appearances, as his relationship with Quad is a primary storyline. Their close bond has been a source of heartwarming moments and intense drama.

One example of Eric’s impact on the show is his involvement in the ongoing feud between Quad and fellow cast member Dr. Heavenly Kimes. Eric has publicly defended Quad against Dr. Heavenly’s accusations of infidelity and other misdeeds, leading to explosive confrontations between the two men. This dynamic illustrates the complex relationships between the show’s characters and adds an extra layer of drama to the show.

Despite his controversial behavior, Eric has also been praised by some viewers for his loyalty to his sister and his willingness to defend her against any perceived slights or attacks from other cast members. This loyalty is evident in many of Eric’s scenes on the show, as he consistently stands up for Quad and supports her through difficult times.

A real-life scenario that illustrates Eric’s impact on ‘Married to Medicine’ is when he defended Quad against accusations of infidelity from Dr. Heavenly. Eric passionately defended his sister in this scene and confronted Dr. Heavenly about her allegations. This led to a heated argument between the two men and added tension to a dramatic season.

Eric’s presence in ‘Married to Medicine’ has added a layer of complexity and drama to the show, providing a glimpse into the close-knit relationship between him and Quad. Despite his sometimes controversial behavior, his loyalty to his sister and willingness to stand up for her has made him a fan favorite.

Uncovering the Mystery of What Happened to Quad’s Brother, Quentin

The Heartbreaking Story of Quad’s Missing Brother

Quad Webb-Lunceford’s brother, Quentin Latham, has been missing since 2009. This tragic event has been a primary storyline on the reality TV show ‘Married to Medicine,’ where Quad has been actively searching for her brother and raising awareness about his disappearance. Quentin has not been found despite various leads and sightings yet to be years. Quad has expressed her frustration with the lack of progress in the case and has called for more attention to be paid to missing person cases in general.

The Importance of Raising Awareness About Missing Persons

Quad’s story highlights the importance of raising awareness about missing person cases. According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs), there are over 600,000 missing persons cases in the United States each year. Many patients go unsolved, leaving families and loved ones without closure. By sharing her brother’s story on national television and offering a reward for information leading to his whereabouts, Quad is bringing much-needed attention to this issue.

The Role of Television in Raising Awareness

Reality TV shows like ‘Married to Medicine’ have a large audience and can be a powerful tool in raising awareness about important issues like missing person cases. By featuring Quad’s search for her brother on the show, viewers can see these cases’ impact on families and communities. Quad’s appearance on “Sister Circle” allowed her to reach an even wider audience and ask for help finding her brother.

The Need for More Resources in Solving Missing Persons Cases

Quad’s frustration with the lack of progress in her brother’s case highlights the need for more resources to be devoted to solving missing-person issues. According to NamUs, many law enforcement agencies need more help and training to effectively investigate these cases. By calling for more attention to missing person cases, Quad advocates for change and inspire others to do the same.

The Power of Offering a Reward

Quad’s decision to offer a $10,000 reward for information leading to Quentin’s whereabouts is a powerful tool in raising awareness about his case. Rewards can incentivize people to come forward with information they may have kept to themselves. Quad demonstrates her commitment to finding her brother and bringing him home by offering a reward.

Quad’s search for her missing brother is heartbreaking, highlighting the importance of raising awareness about missing person cases. By sharing her story on national television and offering a reward for information leading to Quentin’s whereabouts, Quad is bringing much-needed attention to this issue and hopefully inspiring change.

Exploring Quad Webb’s Family Drama on Season 9 of ‘Married To Medicine’

Quad Webb-Lunceford, a prominent cast member on the reality TV show ‘Married To Medicine,’ has been actively searching for her missing brother, Quentin Latham, since 2009. This tragic event has been a primary storyline on the show, and viewers have witnessed Quad’s emotional journey as she tries to find her brother and raise awareness about his disappearance.

Quentin has not been found despite various leads and sightings yet to be years. This has undoubtedly taken a toll on Quad and her family, and the show has provided a platform for her to share her story and raise awareness about missing persons.

In season 9 of ‘Married To Medicine,’ Quad’s storyline has shifted towards her family drama, specifically with her mother and sister. She has shared on the show that she had a difficult upbringing, with her mother being emotionally and physically abusive toward her. This has led to a strained relationship between Quad and her mother.

Quad’s sister, Lisa, has accused her of not doing enough to help their struggling mother financially. This tension between the three came to a head in a recent therapy session where Quad expressed her hurt and anger towards her mother for her past behavior and her sister for not understanding her perspective.

This storyline has provided viewers with a deeper understanding of Quad’s life and struggles outside the show. It also highlights the importance of mental health and seeking therapy to heal from past trauma.

Real-life scenario:

A viewer watching ‘Married To Medicine’ may relate to Quad’s story if they have also experienced abuse or have a strained relationship with a family member. They may feel inspired by Quad’s strength in sharing her story and seeking therapy to heal from past trauma.

Another scenario could be that someone watching the show may have a missing loved one. Seeing Quad’s determination to find her brother may give them hope and encourage them to continue their search efforts.

How Carl and Kyle Revealed the Truth Behind Their Feud on Summer House

Reality TV is known for its dramatic storylines and feuds between cast members, and Summer House is no exception. One of the show’s most talked-about storylines involved the rivalry between Carl and Kyle, two longtime friends at odds during the show’s third season. Fans were left wondering what could have caused such a rift between the two, and tensions continued to escalate throughout the season.

Despite their passive-aggressive behavior towards each other, neither Carl nor Kyle seemed willing to confront the root of the problem. It wasn’t until the season finale that things finally came to a head, with a heated argument between the two leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

However, in a surprising twist, Carl and Kyle later revealed that their feud was manufactured mainly for the sake of the show. They explained that producers had asked them to create drama and tension between them for the season’s storyline. While there were genuine issues between them, they exaggerated their conflict with the cameras.

This revelation left fans of the show divided. Some felt duped by the manufactured drama, while others admired Carl and Kyle’s commitment to entertaining television. Regardless of how viewers felt about the situation, it’s clear that reality TV often blurs the lines between what’s real and what’s scripted.

While Carl and Kyle’s feud may have been manufactured for TV, plenty of real-life dramas are also playing out on reality shows. Take Quad Webb-Lunceford from Married To Medicine, for example. She has been actively searching for her missing brother since 2009, and her family drama has become a primary storyline on the show.

By delving into these personal issues, reality TV provides viewers with a deeper understanding of the cast members’ lives outside the show. It can be both engaging and emotional to watch these stories play out on screen, even if we know that some may be scripted or exaggerated for entertainment.

Carl and Kyle’s feud on Summer House may have been manufactured for TV, but it gave viewers plenty of drama and entertainment. And as long as reality TV continues to blur the lines between what’s real and what’s scripted, we can expect to see more storylines like this in the future.

The Story Behind Quad Webb Leaving Her Son Behind

Quad Webb is familiar to many reality TV fans, thanks to her appearances on “Married to Medicine” on Bravo. While she’s been involved in plenty of drama on the show, one particular storyline that caused controversy was her decision to leave her son behind in Memphis while she pursued her career in Atlanta. Here’s what you need to know about the situation and its story.

Quad’s decision to leave her son behind was not easy, but she explained that it was for his well-being. Her son struggled in school and needed more support from his father, who lived in Memphis. Quad felt that she couldn’t provide the kind of stability and support that her son required while also pursuing her career in Atlanta. It was a tough decision that she made with her son’s best interests at heart.

Despite this explanation, some viewers and cast members accused Quad of being selfish and prioritizing her career over her son’s needs. This led to plenty of tension and drama throughout season 6 of “Married to Medicine.” Quad defended her decision and maintained that she visited her son regularly and maintained a close relationship with him despite the distance, but others were unconvinced.

It’s important to remember that reality TV shows are often manufactured for entertainment purposes, and the feud between Quad and other cast members may have been exaggerated or even entirely fabricated for the sake of drama. However, the real-life situation of leaving a child behind while pursuing a career is a difficult one that many parents face. It’s a reminder that sometimes, there are no easy answers when balancing work and family life.

Quad Webb’s decision to leave her son behind while pursuing her career in “Married to Medicine” caused controversy and drama among viewers and cast members. While some defended her decision as being in her son’s best interests, others accused her of being selfish. Regardless of where you fall on the issue, it’s a reminder that balancing work and family life is never easy, and there are often no easy answers.

Find Out Why Quad Shared Her Family Story On TV

Have you ever wondered why Quad Webb, one of the cast members of “Married to Medicine,” decided to share her family story on TV? We’ve got the inside scoop on why she made this decision.

During season 7 of the show, Quad opened up about her family’s struggles, including her mother’s addiction, her father’s infidelity, and her own experience with domestic violence. This revelation caused quite a stir among viewers and cast members alike, with some defending Quad’s decision and others accusing her of being selfish for leaving her son behind while pursuing her career.

So why did Quad decide to share her story on TV? She said it was all about helping others who may be going through similar situations. By breaking the cycle of silence and shame surrounding these issues, Quad hoped to inspire others to speak out and seek help. She also revealed that she had been working on a book about her life and felt that sharing her story on the show was a way to give viewers a glimpse into what they could expect from the book.

The episode where Quad shared her family story received positive feedback from viewers who praised her for being vulnerable and brave. Her honesty and courage in sharing such personal details with the world touched many people.

Quad’s decision to share her family story on TV was not easy, but she made it to help others. By speaking out about the challenges she has faced in her life, she has inspired many people to do the same. We can all learn from Quad’s bravery and vulnerability and use our experiences to help others struggling.


Eric Webb has been a recurring character on the reality TV show ‘Married to Medicine’ since its inception in 2013, and his relationship with Quad Webb has been a significant storyline. Meanwhile, Quad’s brother Quentin Latham has been missing since 2009, and her search for him and efforts to raise awareness about his disappearance has also been significant aspect of the show. Despite numerous leads over the years, Quentin remains missing, causing considerable emotional turmoil for Quad and her family.

Quad Webb-Lunceford’s personal life has been at the forefront of ‘Married to Medicine.’ The reality TV star has actively searched for her brother Quentin Latham, who went missing in 2009. Despite various leads and sightings over the years, he remains unaccounted for. This tragedy has taken an immense toll on Quad and her family. In season nine of the show, viewers glimpse Quad’s family drama with her mother and sister. Her decision to share this story on TV was driven by a desire to help others in similar situations.

Questions & Answers

What happened to Quad’s brother on Married to Medicine?

The Webbs living arrangements in the new season of Married to Medicine will be unlike anything weve seen before. Her mothers nephew Mary Mason and her brother now live with her. Webb is raising her 7-year-old nephew Mason after the death of her younger brother Quentin in 2015.

What happened to Quentin Quad’s brother?

Quad who promised to always be with his nephew also spoke about his younger brother Quentin who died in 2020.

Why is Quad’s nephew living with her?

Season 9 begins when Quade has just moved into a new house where his mother Mary and nephew Mason live with him. Quade later explained that his nephew was with him because his father (aka brother) had died.

Why did Quad and her husband divorce?

Webb-Lunsford recently confirmed she is filing for divorce after rumors of her husbands infidelity surfaced a process she said was difficult. It is all the harsh reality that he explained. You dont get married to get divorced.

Does Quad have custody of Mason?

Quad played the mother of Quentin Masons son. He lived with her for six years and her mother Mary. In the show viewers see Quad and his mother Mason talking about Quentin and Quad expressing his love for his family and his desire to build the best life for those he loves.

Is heavenly and Dr Damon still married?

Sky University. While studying at Mehri Medical College he met Dr. I met Damon Kimes. They have been married for almost a year and have three children.


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